Grand Theft Auto VI

I'm not a fan of video game trailers, as they're generally just bullshit CGI movies that bare no resemblance to actual gameplay. But like seemingly everyone else, I was eagerly anticipating the long awaited trailer for GTA 6, and absolutely loved it. A female lead, crazy characters, the Everglades and Keys, social media parodies, and all of it set in my favourite GTA city. Could it get any better?

I'm very aware that it's been ten years since GTA 5, as I have fond memories of playing it endlessly in my first year of married life, when my Mrs was working evenings and weekends. It's hard to imagine literally anyone else putting a franchise even half as successful on ice for a decade instead of milking it dry with annual updates.

For my money, GTA is in a class of its own when it comes cultural impact amongst video games. I'm really looking forward to the various billboards and posters in the signature GTA art style as we get closer to release. I don't think there's a single other franchise which is so easily recognisable, even when featuring completely unknown characters.

It's just a shame we're still well over a year away from release.

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