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Somewhat unsurprisingly given my glacial rate of posting, I'm jumping on the Default Apps bandwagon pretty late in the day.

It's been interesting to read many different people's selections, and the one big trend has been how many predominantly use Apple's apps for many of their defaults.

It may not come as a shock that this isn't the case for me. Indeed, in general I actively avoid using Apple apps and services as I have a (somewhat irrational) fear of being locked into their hardware. While this is currently all around excellent, I like to keep my options open and don't want to be stuck buying whatever the next butterfly MacBook Pro turns out to be.

There's also the fact that the Mrs has no intention of switching from Android, which makes sharing data impossible on anything other than cross platform services.

With the premable out of the way, here's my list.

📬 Mail Service Fastmail

📧 Mail Client Web App on desktop, ‎Fastmail App on iOS

Tasks ‎Reminders

📔 Notes ‎Notes

📰 RSS Service Inoreader

📖 RSS Client ‎Reeder 5

🔖 Bookmarks ‎Raindrop.io

☁️ Cloud Storage Google Drive & iCloud Drive

🖼️ Photo Library Google Photos & Apple Photos

🖌️ Photo Editing ‎Photomator

🌐 Web Browser Firefox on desktop, Safari on iOS

🗓️ Calendar Google Calendar

📙 Reading ‎GoodLinks (so pretty!) & ‎Omnivore (so functional!)

🖊️ Journalling ‎Day One

🌦️ Weather App ‎CARROT Weather

🔈 Podcasts ‎Pocket Casts

🎵 Music ‎Spotify

📋 Clipboard Manger PastePal

🔑 Passwords 1Password

🎥 Movie Tracking ‎TV Forecast

🐘 Mastodon ‎Mona for Mastodon

📦 Package Tracking ‎Parcel

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